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Climate cabinets for germinations tests (Seed breeding)

This climate cabinet is developed to conduct germination and growth tests in various climate conditions. The climate cabinet is assembled as desired and adapted to the application. This consultation will take place with the researcher, to determine the correct configuration. The cabinet is then build to customer specifications and delivered ready for plugging. A detailled instruction guide is included.

The usable surface is about 2 by 1 metres. 




Various microclimates can be created using the acrylic hoods. It leads to less migration of moisture of the warm side to the cold temperature side. 

ABC processor

The entire proces is controlled with the ABC processor which is provided with a touchscreen. One ABC processor/touchscreen can operate several products. The ABC processor can be used to configure an independent temperature per section; this will create fluctuations from the cold to the warm side. 


When a drying menu has been configured, this can be saved as a pre-set. The corresponding menu can be called up again easily. All settings and measurement values can be saved to your pc using the ABC pc program. These values can be called up again in a graphic or table for analysis. This makes it possible to, if needed or desired, have a tailored adjustment of the processes (pre-sets).  

Furthermore there is an sms module to send an sms in case of emergencies, and a MCM module for operation and monitoring (including graphics) from your smartphone or tablet. 

Infrared thermometer

Optionally an infrared thermometer can be delivered along with the table, to perform a correct temperature measurement. Use this instrument to measure the temperature quickly. The accuracy of this thermometer is 0.1 ºC. This thermometer is equipped with a calibration report to be able to carry out a reliable measurement.